Reconstructing hairnets from 13th to 16th century

If you look just at details, you fade out the big picture. That’s why it was so fascinating to pull all my research and reconstructions together for a lecture.

I still have questions that I don’t really expect to get the mother of all answers. I keep asking why isn’t netting as popular as it could be. Is it because it’s difficult? Is it too obscure? Is it too invisible?

In the last pages you’ll find as complete sources as I could find for the images used. If there’s something missing or wrong, please let me know.

Here are my slides from the the lecture held in May 2021:

After the lecture we had such a good conversation! Most of all about the knot, sheet bend knot. The slides call it sheet bend knot, but it’s not. We could call it lacis or lace netting knot instead. So, please ignore that name and check out the real knot. The queen of knots. The only knot that works on silk.

PS: The everything and the kitchen sink Hungarian macrame hairnet!

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